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Yes, a new way of waste separation in Haarlemmermeer

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The new way of seperating waste

Did you know that we still throw away 200 kilos of residual waste per person a year in Haarlemmermeer? This waste contains many valuable raw materials, which can be used for new products. That is why we work towards the national goal of 30 kilos of residual waste per person a year in 2025.


We hope to achieve this goal with a new way of waste separation. This plan will be introduced in phases. When it is your turn, you will receive a letter with additional information. On this page you will find translated letters.

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Changes for flats and apartments

Do you currently use big containers that are indoor or outside above ground? Then an underground waste container for organic (vegetable, fruit, food residues) and garden waste will be installed at approximately 50 meters from the entrance of your building. Underground waste containers for residual waste, paper, and for plastic, drink cartons and cans will be located at approximately 100 meters. Once the underground waste containers for residual waste are in use, you will receive your access pass in the mail. The other underground waste containers are accessible without a pass.

> Read letter 1: respond to the location of underground waste containers within 6 weeks

> Read letter 2: How to use your access pass for the underground waste containers

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